Kate Bryant

Kate Bryant is a writer and artist/entrepreneur living in Brooklyn, New York.  She loves dogs, CSAs, bicycling, and starting a thousand new projects. When not writing ads and articles or working on her line of bike bags, Kate also spends time volunteering for the Taproot Foundation and at the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. And yes, she does somehow find time for fun.

Recent Contributions
May 5, 2010
What does it take to get consumers to transition from buying disposable "fast fashion" to heritage pieces? How about transparency in the supply chain? Does knowing the history of a piece make it more...
February 15, 2010
A great synergy seemed to be taking place on The GreenShows' opening night held at 311 E. 11—the first LEED-Gold certified building in the East Village. Gary Harvey presented “fashion with a...
January 19, 2010
After being resurrected from its ashes, Nau hesitated to make the same mistakes again—letting ambition take the reigns before the brand had legs enough to stand on. But opening up a one-month pop-up...
January 4, 2010
If you're like me, starting a new business can mean acquiring a multitude of new skills. Enough so that I keep circling back to the same question: Should I go to grad school? For many people thinking...
December 7, 2009
In this age of online shopping and payWave readers, paying with paper currency seems a bit anachronistic. Who has the time to visit a physical store, "fumble for cash" (as Visa phrases it) and count...
November 9, 2009
On the argument of sustainability, I've always sided with naturally-derived, preferably organic, fibers such as cotton, silk, wool and leather. But with the evolution of so many high-tech, lower-...
October 26, 2009
If designers like Titania Inglis are any indication, ethical fashion is finally hitting its stride. Her recently launched line breaks tradition from the drab hippy sacks of yore, hewing more closely...