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Scott Ballum | July 13, 2010
There's a neighborhood I've heard about, with the most remarkable sense of community. On one block there's a giant warehouse outfitted for woodworking, photo studios, computer rooms, and painters studios. Across the street two women collaborate with building owners to build rooftop gardens and parks.
Jennifer Boyer | July 7, 2010
On a street corner of North Vancouver Avenue in Portland, OR, inhabiting a stately barn-red home, lies Livingscape Nursery. One step through the gate and you are greeted with an abundance of youthful vegetable starts promising, with proper tender loving care, a personal bounty. Inside the perfectly creaky screen door Kava, the resident greeter dog, lifts her head in acknowledgement while continuing to rest underneath a rotating stand of seed packets.
Contributing Writer | June 30, 2010
Story contributed by Polina Selyutin.
Scott Ballum | June 28, 2010
Nestled in between vacant warehouses and bustling industrial yards, 3rd Ward offers both a playground and a serious workshop for creative professionals
| June 16, 2010
The American Independent Business Alliance is a national 501c3 non-profit organization helping communities launch and successfully operate an Independent Business Alliance® (IBA), "buy independent, buy local" campaigns, and other efforts to support community enterprise.
Scott Ballum | June 14, 2010 champions the small businesses that make our communities more sustainable, accessible, creative, and fun.
Scott Ballum | June 8, 2010
Kyle Abraham's company, indeed his work is unlike most others. He's a young and talented dancer and choreographer from Pittsburgh, PA, who performs regularly around the country. He recently presented his latest piece, The Radio Show, at Danspace Project in New York. The title refers to a popular radio station that Kyle grew up listening to, WAMO, that shuttered last year. He uses dance to explore what this loss does to an urban community that listened together and collectively connected to the station as a kind of therapy.
Scott Ballum | May 20, 2010
Yeves Perez has a distinct vision for San Diego, arguably sparked by a singular horrific meeting with a potential real estate investor who asked, in completely sincerity, “What are you planning to
Scott Ballum | May 12, 2010
On Monday, May 10, hosted a reception and video screening at Green Spaces in Tribeca, NY, honoring the small businesses and organizations we've profiled over the past year, and introducing the Sheepless editorial and creative team. This project sought to bring our online community, offline. We were thrilled to have so many cool people doing interesting things all in one room!
Scott Ballum | May 12, 2010
Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and her partner Rebecca Fitting opened Greenlight Bookstore in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. We talked to her about the place for independent bookstores in today's world, their inspiring funding model, and about creating a community space that people want to spend time in.Video not loading correctly? Watch it here on the Vimeo Channel.