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Scott Ballum | September 25, 2009
While it is certainly a group effort over here at Team Sheepless, at the moment I am the only full-time employee/manager/editor/designer/business director. As I prepare to pry into the lives and businesses of grassroots organizations, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs, I think its only fair to start with my own.
Scott Ballum | September 21, 2009
Grasshopper is an extremely simple virtual voicemail system, that can tie all of your part-time collaborators and dedicated-but-distant colleagues through a single phone number. Sounds like a nice idea. What's an even better idea, is their adorable and inspirational promotion video, and website that claims to be geared towards empowering entrepreneurs.Sure, it's all marketing. But it's a nice reminder on a Monday morning that we're doing something exciting.
Scott Ballum | August 14, 2009
On June 11, 2009, leaders of educational, cultural, and socially-driven organizations, along with friends and collaborators of Sheepless, gathered at Green Spaces in Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate the inauguration of the new business.
Scott Ballum | May 14, 2009
Somewhere between fashion, art, performance, technology, architecture, and that mom who dresses her twins exactly the same everyday, lies the work of Di Mainstone. Though she first stretched her creative wings at UK fashion brand Soochi, the collaborations she found herself initiating with architects and dancers would alter her route from the traditional to the experimental, creating wearables that are far from what you’ll find at Forever 21.
Scott Ballum | May 11, 2009
At first glance, Jon Cohrs’ Urban Prospecting project looks like one of those late-night-tv pyramid schemes our well-intentioned aunt got tied up with in the early 90s. But with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Cohrs’ Black Gold Rush is actually drawing renewed attention to, and creating a way of engaging with, an oil spill twice the size of the Exxon Valdez disaster right in his Brooklyn backyard.
Scott Ballum | April 12, 2009
When it comes to utilizing design or creative thinking to shape our society, few avenues are more direct or have more potential than reaching out and fostering a commitment to social responsibility within our schools and our children.
Scott Ballum | February 25, 2009
Spun from the Berlin-based illustration and design organization and festival Illustrative e.V., the new art and culture magazine Objects–Journal of the Applied Arts grabbed attention from the global creative industry when it launched this past fall.
Scott Ballum | February 17, 2009
The Canadian Center for Architecture is exhibiting Tools for Action: What You Can Do With the City through April 19, 2009. The exhibit presents 99 recent events from around the world in which simple acts of walking, recycling, painting, playing or gardening has transformed some aspect of urban negativity into a place for positive change.
Scott Ballum | February 9, 2009
Looking to invest, but don’t dare go near Wall Street? Last week TED conference-goers were introduced to a new locus of shares by Trust Art, a collaboration between FameGame, BBH New York and SquareSpace. Calling itself “a stock market for cultural renewal”, the system offers up ten unique artistic endeavors proposed by designers, engineers, videographers, and choreographers just waiting for your funding.
Scott Ballum | February 6, 2009
Winterhouse is more than a design studio, their founders are more than educators, and their commentary has done more to develop critical commentary around the design industry than arguably any of their kin.