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Tiffany Swift | August 20, 2010
Living according to your ideals is easier said than done. Look at me – my interest in growing my own food has manifested itself in a single tomato I am irrationally unwilling to pick and a series of perished herb plants. I want to be the person with a thriving veggie garden, but I'm sadly lacking the space and know-how. Lucky for me and other Angelenos, the husband and wife team of Lucas Brower and Jesse Kamm offer an easy and affordable solution - Home Grow Micro Farms.
Jennifer Boyer | August 17, 2010
Cafe Velo does not aim to create more consumers, they wish to create more enthusiasts. From a 180 square foot micro-cafe in the heart of downtown Portland, complete with a walk-up take-out window, Cafe Velo crafts up perfect cups of single origin coffees, pastries and lunch fare.
Tiffany Swift | July 21, 2010
On Spring is a locally sourced café, urban garden and community learning space, nestled on the edge of Chinatown in the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Just opened in June, On Spring is an intriguing example of sustainable business and non-profits working towards the same goals.
Jennifer Boyer | July 7, 2010
On a street corner of North Vancouver Avenue in Portland, OR, inhabiting a stately barn-red home, lies Livingscape Nursery. One step through the gate and you are greeted with an abundance of youthful vegetable starts promising, with proper tender loving care, a personal bounty. Inside the perfectly creaky screen door Kava, the resident greeter dog, lifts her head in acknowledgement while continuing to rest underneath a rotating stand of seed packets.
Scott Ballum | June 2, 2010
As easy as it was to schedule a meet up with Cafe Moto owner Torrey Lee, it’s much harder to pin down a description of his business. The list includes solar power, social responsibility, sustainable agriculture, local distribution, and community involvement -- though none of these are core principles per se, and they’re more than just good business decisions. They involve decisions that he can, and does, feel good about.
Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University | May 6, 2010
Submitted by Kristen Bean. As a child, I often sat at the dinner table and listened to my mother, a special education teacher, talk excitedly about how her students overcame unfathomable barriers. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my mother’s stories of challenging her students to overcome difficulties shaped my ambitions to become an advocate and develop a nonprofit organization for people with disabilities. Both my mother and I firmly believe that everyone can learn.
Scott Ballum | April 6, 2010
In our first video profile, we talk to Taylor Mork, Co-owner of Brooklyn and Chicago based Crop to Cup Coffee Company.Video not loading correctly? Watch it here on the Vimeo Channel.TRANSCRIPT
Eric Bos | March 19, 2010
Shortly after last Thanksgiving, a new version of the dinner party began in Baltimore. Created by a collaboration between three collectives: Red Emma’s Coffee House and Bookstore, the Baltimore Development Co-operative (BDC), and the 2640 space, STEW is a social experiment in food and community, a way of funding from below, and a new way of thinking about dinner. It is meant to sponsor conversation be
Maggie Feuchter | March 8, 2010
When I'm lucky enough make a trip back home to San Francisco, I try to indulge in childhood nostalgia as much as possible. Quite often that involves some sort of food.
Maggie Feuchter | January 25, 2010
As a Manhattan girl on a budget, I relish the opportunity to have a nice meal out every once in a while. But when I find out that the Underground Food Collective is making a trek to New York City for one of their many-coursed meals, I lose all sense of fiscal responsibility and drop few nice dinners’ worth of dough without a second thought in order to attend. And after partaking in their dinner for a third time, I’m already saving up my dollars for when they return.