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Daily BR!NK | September 20, 2011
The concept is simple: for every delicious nutrition bar purchased, a nutrition pack is provided to one of two million hungry children in the developing world.
Shareable | September 5, 2011
While mainstream America is hoping for federal economic reform, some social justice organizations have a radically different idea, and are organizing low-income communities to build a new econo
Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University | June 22, 2011
I know what you’re thinking: you already have a pretty solid grasp of what sex and gender mean.
Tiffany Swift | May 6, 2011
In the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Forage restaurant serves up seasonal, local fare at reasonable prices.
Scott Ballum | April 19, 2011
Sheepless recently co-sponsored a screening of the ground-breaking, eye-opening documentary "The Greenhorns" with The Loft at UCSD and UCSD Earth Week. Directed by Severine von Tscharner Fleming, and grown out of a grassroots non-profit organization of the same name, the film's mission is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers in this ample and able 21st century America.
Tiffany Swift | March 30, 2011
There are a lot of exciting and rewarding parts to starting a business: the rush of having that Big Idea, the freedom of being your own boss, the satisfaction of creating something from nothing. But there’s one part of building a business that is not a lot of fun for anyone: raising the money to get it off the ground. If you don’t come from a finance background, the loan and investment options are extremely confusing. And once you do sort out the options, it turns out most are not particularly well suited for a small, local business.
Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University | March 18, 2011
I’m not what you call a traditional college student. When my parents got divorced, I was five; my mom and I packed our bags and moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania to start a brand new life. Growing up, I was always pushing myself into leadership roles, whether that meant barking out orders to stuffed animals on my playground as I led them into a fierce war, or soaking up the opportunities that Student Council had to offer. I was always ‘that kid’ who you could have pinned to be a leader one day.
Chelsea Batten | February 8, 2011
While municipal museums and concert halls have been struggling with both corporate fundraising and cultural relevance in recent history, there are emergent arts initiatives gaining a following for their explosive visibility. A museum might produce just three major shows each year, but upon closer inspection, there is easily a gallery showing in some part of your city every weekend. Zack Nielsen wants to help you find them.
| January 31, 2011
By Vandana Shiva (Editor)Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed is a short, pocket-sized collection that goes to the heart of our existence—what we eat and how we grow it. It covers the questions: